8 Tips To Use A Hand Mixer Efficiently

8-Tips-To-Use-A Hand-Mixer-EfficientlyHand mixers have made baking and cooking incredibly easy. Electric hand mixers are affordable and with proper care last very long. You can find a basic hand mixer for as low no more than $30 with a basic set of beaters. There are so many foods that can be mixed with a hand mixer like eggs, whipping cream, pancake batter icing, cakes, and salad dressings. You even make mashed potatoes with this wonderful device.

There are multitudes of hand mixers online and the best hand mixers can be found online on Amazon. KitchenAid KHM512ER 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer is one of the best selling hand mixers on Amazon.com and costs only not more than $50 depending on color that you choose. It comes in an empire red color and gives 5 speeds. It even has a one year warranty.

And if you have a bit more money to spend, you can go for Cuisinart HM-90BCS Handheld Mixer with 9 speeds and a storage case. It costs a little over $80 but comes with very useful additionals like a plastic storage case.

Advantages of using a Hand Mixer

  • Hand mixers are very affordable. They are cheaper than stand mixers and provide most of the functionality.
  • This unit take minimal space in the kitchen and can be carried anywhere.
  • They are quick and easy to clean
  • You can use any kind of bowl unlike a stand mixer.
  • They are best suited for quick mixing like whipping cream.

How to Make the Best Use of Your Hand Mixer?

Most of the mixers available online are very cheap and with further discounts can go as lower as $30, all the more reason to get a hand mixer in your kitchen right now. Once you get yourself a hand held mixer you must make sure that you use it correctly. There are ways you can make the best of your hand mixer and avoid any risks.

1. Reading and Understanding Instructions:

Reading the instruction on the manual is imperative for any device. And every device has its unique features that can only be grasped by reading the manual. You can avoid small mistakes that might damage your hand mixers. You can even fix small problems yourself with the help of the manual saving you a trip to the shop.

2. Understand the Attachments:

Hand mixers come with a variety of attachments for mixing and beating and each has its own purpose.

  • If you use a wrong attachment with a wrong ingredient you will not get the best results.
  • You can switch between different beaters as many time as you like by simply pressing an eject button.

Some of these attachments are beaters, straight wire beaters, single whisks, twisted wire beaters and dough hooks. The basic beater can be used to beat eggs and cream, the single dough hook can be used for mixing dough and wired beater can be used to aerate a mixture.

3. Keep your mixer unplugged when not in use:

The mixer should be kept unplugged when it is not in use. It should also be unplugged when changing blades or attachments. There is a possibility that a malfunction in the switch might cause the mixer to turn on and this can be dangerous.

4. Start and End at Speed Zero:

Keep the speed at zero when you are fixing the beaters in and also when you are taking them out of the hand mixer. Start and End your mixing at speed zero only.

5. Increasing Speed:

Try not to speed up the mixer abruptlyYou should go up one level at a time. This way you will get the right consistency in your mixture. Use lower speeds for hard foods like biscuits and use highest level of speed for liquid foods like eggs and cream.

6. Cleaning the mixer and beaters:

To make sure your mixer lasts longer and works efficiently, you will need to clean he mixer after use. The mixer itself can be cleaned using a damp cloth. And then use a dry cloth to clean any water traces left on the device.

The attached beaters will of course be dirtier as they are in direct contact with the mixture. The beaters can be washed with soap. And make sure they are dried before putting them in their casing or box.

7. Avoid Water:

This is the most common reason for damaged kitchen appliances. “You should never get the water near the chords and the buttons as the water will of course ruin the circuits and render your mixer useless.”

8. Storing the Mixer:

The hand mixer usually comes with its storing case and should be kept in that only in order to make sure it is protected. You mixer should be completely dry before you put it in the case. If you do not have such a case you can keep it in a box and store it. Letting it lie around the kitchen is not the best thing as it might get wet or fall from the counter.

Bonus Tips: How to Mix The Ingredients Efficiently

  • As a general rule, add one ingredient at a time.
  • Always use large mixing bowls as they make mixing easy and fast.
  • When adding butter or margarine, make sure they are at room temperature.


Hand mixers are downright a blessing for those who like cooking or baking. It makes mixing very easy thanks to its small size and different kinds of attached beaters. Traditionally, whisks were used for mixing but they take a lot of time and strength to get the work done. So, use electric motors to do all the work for you.

With small measures you can increase the life of your hand mixer and get great output as well. It is imperative that the device is cleaned regularly and stored in a cool and dry space.

Generally, most mixers come with warranty but the guide is very helpful should there be something wrong with the mixer. You can find many types of hand held mixers online and in stores near you. If you think mixing things is keeping you away from baking a cake, get a hand mixer right now to make cooking easy and efficient.

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