3 Best Ways to Shred Chicken with a Hand Mixer

One of my favorite things to make is shredded buffalo chicken. The problem is having to use two forks to shred it. Who actually has the time to do that? With all that life throws at you, sometimes you need a little help from a kitchen appliance.

Here is the best handheld mixer you can purchase to make shredding chicken that much easier and in this article, I use it to answer questionHow to shred chicken with a hand mixer?

What you need:

  • Sage Spoonful – Baby Puree & Blend SS17519 Your best hand mixer. My favorite is either my KitchenAid KHM512ER 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer or Sage Spoonful – Baby Puree & Blend SS17519
  • Chicken. I usually start with half a breast per person, or if they are small breasts, then one per person
  • A large sauce pan filled with water (if you want, you can also use a slow cooker instead which is actually my preferred method of choice).
  • A clean bowl
  • Ingredients you may want for your chicken (buffalo sauce, taco seasoning, BBQ sauce, paprika, Moroccan seasonings and so on…)
  • Frying pan with a bit of oil so you can later prepare whatever style of chicken you want
  • A family filled with empty stomachs. 🙂

Step by Step Instructions:

  • Prep your chicken. I often clean my chicken prior to cooking with it. You do not have to do this if you do not feel necessary, but I do it just so I think all of the salmonellae is gone. I then dry it off with a paper towel, and it is now clean to my standards.
  • Now I place my chicken in either a sauce pan or inside of my slow cooker. (My preferred method is a slow cooker, but since not everyone has a slow cooker, I will advise on the sauce pan first.) Once the chicken is in the sauce pan, then cover the chicken with water. You want to make sure that the chicken is completely submerged in water.
  • Crock-Pot 6-Quart Programmable Cooknote: If you are using a slow cooker (crockpot) then I also recommend you submerge your chicken in water and put the kitchen appliance on low or medium. Let it cook for at least 6 hours. The longer you cook the chicken, the easier it is for the handheld mixer to shred it.
  • Once the chicken is covered in water, place the sauce-pan on the hob, and allow the chicken to boil for at least an hour, if not longer. This method is obviously faster than the slow cooker, but you need to pay more attention to the hob so the water does not dry up or boil over.
  • Once the chicken is cooked, it is time to place it in a sturdy bowl. You need to make sure that the bowl will be able to handle the best hand mixer you have. Once the chicken is in the bowl, allow them to cool. You do not want to shred the chicken hot as it is easier to do when cool. I would advise you allow the chicken to cool for at least 30 minutes, if not a bit longer.
  • KitchenAid KHM512ERNow it is time to shred the chicken with your best hand held mixer. As I have said previously, I like to use either my KitchenAid KHM512ER 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer, or Sage Spoonful – Baby Puree & Blend SS17519. Both cut easily through the chicken, and the Sage Spoonful – Baby Puree & Blend even has different attachments to finely shred the chicken.
  • Once your chicken is finely shredded, take your frying pan and heat the extra virgin olive oil (it always adds a nice, light, fragrant flavor to the chicken) and then place your shredded chicken and heat it up once again. You can now decide what you want to do with the chicken. My three favorites are BBQBuffalo or Taco.

For BBQ, I recommend you use a dry rub or sauce. With the dry rub you can just sprinkle it on top and allow it to lightly simmer in the frying pan. If cooking with the buffalo sauce, you do not need to simmer it as long since it is coated on the chicken. You can then serve the BBQ chicken on a Kaiser roll with corn on the cob, salad and a refreshing lemonade!

For Buffalo chicken, just add the buffalo sauce to the chicken and allow it so simmer. You can serve on top of a salad with blue cheese or ranch dressing and drink. You are able to adjust the heat settings by choosing which buffalo sauce to use. I tend to go spicier since I enjoy a nice kick, but for those less adventurous, you can go for a mild or medium spice.

Tacos are always a family favorite. I recommend adding a small onion with the chicken and taco seasoning mix. You can either do soft shell tacos, hard shell tacos or even enchiladas, quesadillas or other delicious Mexican foods. Serve it with rice, beans and corn and even a margarita for your drink.

Now it is time to serve it to your hungry family! Your family will be satisfied with all three versions of the shredded chicken recipes. You can easily make the chicken once a week, and save the chicken for different recipes. You and your family will love it!


So what did you think of this easy to follow guide for the best ways to shred chicken with a hand mixer? It is pretty easy, right? Your hungry family is happy, and you were able to satisfy everyone.

All you need is a pot, chicken, water, the best hand held mixer and a couple of ideas for your easy to do chicken dinner. Who said that all shredded chicken recipes were bad for you? All you need to do is to take time to think about what you eat with it.

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  1. Are the beaters seriously sturdy enough to handle shredding chicken and pork? Are they stronger than the whisk that comes with the Kitchen Aid stand mixer? I can’t tell from the picture if the beaters are stiff or are then flimsy. Thanks.


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