10 Tips On How To Use A Hand Mixer Efficiently

How To Use A Hand Mixer Efficiently

One of the most useful devices in the kitchen of a cooking lover is a hand-held mixer. It is a greater supporter that helps you prepare a simple or even four-course meal. Thanks to the benefits which cook lovers can get, people are now showing their preference for hand mixers.

Apart from choosing your best hand mixer, using a hand-held mixer is a cooking technique that not everyone masters. It is true that newbies or even experienced users will make a mess sometimes if they do not know the right way to make the most of this tool.

To help you out, today article will provide you with 10 tips on how to use a hand mixer efficiently.

Tips on How to Use a Hand Mixer Efficiently

A delicious meal requires thorough preparation, and a machine like a hand mixer is good at this. Are you ready to know more about little secrets that will assist you in mastering a hand mixer? If yes, you can take these handy tips to enjoy your cooking experience.

#1. Never skip the instructions from the manufacturer

For your safety reasons and to improve the level of durability, you must read and follow the manual instructions on the packet carefully before you start using. Although most of the hand mixers on the market have the same principle, remember that the production is completely different to have a unique feature.

Otherwise,  the manufacturer provides customers plenty of valuable advice that you can take to fix some technical problems without bringing the machine to the store. Thus, it is a nice way for you to save time and money!

One advice for you is purchasing the model which has detailed manual instructions. The fastest way is to read reviews like best hand mixer UK or best hand mixer Sweethome.

#2. Stay away from the water

Of course, you still need to use water to clean the machine. However, some parts of your hand mixer including the plug, the body, and the cords must not be touched by water as your mixer can be rendered useless. Also, a massive blaze might spread if the plug and the cords are wet.

In fact, this is a very common mistake that people almost always make even though they definitely know and learn it by heart. You might get an electric shock which is extremely dangerous before your hand mixer is damaged!

#3. Make sure that you know the function of each tool

Another factor that can make your kitchen in a mess when using a hand mixer is to use the attached tool for the wrong purpose. Keep in mind that you cannot mix dough if you use a straight wire beater. To achieve the best result, again read the directions carefully to ensure that you know what kinds of ingredients will be used with that tool.

You should make a mental note to approach the machine in the right way

  • Use a simple beater for ingredients like whipping cream or eggs
  • Use a dough hook to mix dough
  • Use a wired beater for the aeration

All of the hand-held mixers have a button which allows you to change different beaters when you press it. Hence, figure it out instead of using force to push the accessory out unless you want your machine to be broken within a few seconds.

#4. Store it carefully

Most of the hand-held electric mixers on the market offer customers a built-in storing case like Hamilton Beach 62695V Power Deluxe Hand Mixer to ensure that all items are protected. However, in case your product does not provide it, find a dry box to store them. This can prevent your tools from dropping leading to serious damage.

In addition, before putting those things into a storing box or case, they should be completely dry. It is certainly understandable that the attachments will be covered with rust due to oxidation if they get wet.

#5. Take advantage of the wax paper

Have you ever questioned yourself about how some people can keep the kitchen and their clothes very clean after using a hand mixer? One of the main reasons why some people are afraid of using a hand mixer is that the splattering liquid and flour cover all the countertop and they have to spend at least 1 hour on cleaning everything. It is such a nightmare!

Don’t worry! A simple solution for you is to take advantage of the wax paper. All you need to do is to put a sheet between the beater attachment and the body of your mixer. However, you must see to it that the beater will have enough space to spin around instead of making the sheet become an obstacle.

Moreover, do not use turn on the machine when all you have in the mixing bowls are dry ingredients. In that situation, a whisk could be a much better choice.

#6. Your mixer must be unplugged when it is not in use

Again, this is for safety reasons! People often change the blade without unplugging the mixer as they think it is not necessary. In other cases, they leave it on the countertop after use, but the plug is not pulled out yet. Imagine that if someone, for example, your kid, press the ‘ON’ button by chance and the blade spins around crazily!

Keep in mind that the items are made of metal, so they have very sharp corners and edges which are very dangerous, particularly to children. Hence, to avoid the unexpected accidents like that, you should keep your hand mixer unplugged when they are not being used.

Another tip is to set the speed of the hand mixer at zero when you start to put the blades in and when you take them out. A lot of users do not know or forget this because they claim that it is not necessary. Well, to be honest, something bad can happen, for instance, splattering the mixture over the worktop, or you might get injured!

#7. Build up the speed in the right way

Some are so interested in modern technologies, so they just look for electric mixers that offer many different speeds. Having a lot of options to choose is good, but the factors which make a good hand mixer, according to best hand mixer Cook’s Illustrated, are beyond the different modes.

The question is with that wide range of choices, do you know how to use it properly? There are several rules that you had better memorize to stay away from making a mess

  • Never force a big and sudden change in speed.
    For example, your hand mixer is running at speed ‘1’. However, you want to see how powerful the machine is, so you suddenly change to speed ‘4’. Honestly, your mixture will 100% fly over your kitchen, and you might suffer a shock on its power. Instead, you must take 1 mode at a time to ensure the consistency.
  • Low speeds are designed for hard ingredients
    Many think that we should choose the highest level to blend hard ingredients such as cookies. Nevertheless, it is not true! In contrast, to have a good mixture, lower speeds is the best solution to this kind of foods as they can blend the ingredients well instead of just breaking them into pieces
  • High speeds are produced for liquids
    Normally, you will need the mixed liquids, for instance, eggs or heavy cream, to be smooth and relatively thick. Therefore, higher speeds come highly recommended because it will make the ingredients quickly combined and stuck to others.

#8. Clean your the mixer after use

To improve the level of durability, of course, you will need to clean the mixer after use. If you let the mixture dry, it will be difficult to clean it down. Also, you have to rub the surface to remove the dirt which can cause damage to the machine apart from taking you a lot of time to wash it.

However, do you know how to clean a hand mixer in the right way? Let’s check the following step-by-step guide to see whether you are good at this skill or not.

  • Step 1: Set the speed to zero
  • Step 2: Turn off the machine and unplug it from the socket. The first 2 steps here are to ensure that there will be no serious accident
  • Step 3: Eject attached items from the machine
  • Step 4: Clean those items first as they are always the dirtiest part. Use soap and warm water to wash them
  • Step 5: Use a cloth and warm water to clean the mixer body
  • Step 6: Wait until they get dry and then put them into the storing case

#9. Do not add all ingredients at a time

Some users think that an electric mixer is very good at mixing things, so they should add all ingredients into the bowl and let the machine do it job. Honestly, they are wrong because what you receive at the end is a real mess. Thus, just add one thing at a time!

However, a large number of customers said that they would choose the highest level to deal with that mixture if it is not combined well. Although modern mixers bring customers many levels of speed and not all of them perform what they are expected to do. Therefore, you must do research by using reliable sources like best hand mixer America’s Test Kitchen.

#10. Never allow kids to touch the machine

If you have children, please make sure that they will not touch or use the mixer without your supervision. In fact, many parents do not get into the habit of unplugging the machine after use or put it into a storing case. Consequently, to satisfy their curiosity, children will somehow turn it on and that is extremely dangerous.

Aside from the safety reasons, keeping your kids away from the mixer is a good way to protect it. As you know, they are curious about everything, so your babies might want to remove all parts of the machine to examine it in more detail. The amazing force that they use might get your appliances broken.

You might see that there are so many things you must remember to use a hand-held mixer, and even feel discouraged. Trust me! If you apply these tips several times, you will be a master of it. Before that, let’s point out some big advantages of a hand mixer that can help you take courage from.

Why should you buy a portable hand mixer?

A lot of housewives said that we had better purchase a stand mixer instead of a hand-held one because it is a multifunctional device. Is that true? Here are convincing reasons why an electric hand mixer should appear on your countertop

  • A hand mixer is not pricey. In fact, a professional hand mixer can be more affordable than a stand
  • A hand mixer does not take up a large space
  • A hand mixer allows you to use all types of mixing bowls and this is what you cannot see in a stand mixer
  • A hand mixer is very portable which does not require you to take physical effort to move it from one place to another place
  • A hand mixer like Cuisinart HM-90S with its accessories can provide most functions, particularly blending and mixing ingredients
  • A hand mixer is easy to clean


Those are 10 practical tips on how to use a hand mixer efficiently. Hope that you really enjoyed it. If you have any concerns or questions about using a hand mixer, leave a comment below. Last, do not forget to like and share article today with your friends.

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