Hamilton Beach 62695V Power Deluxe Hand Mixer Review

Mixing is a primary kitchen application. Whisking and preparing dough requires a lot of effort and time if you have not equipped yourself with a suitable handheld mixer.

It’s understandable how much effort you put in for making the best meal for your family but do you know that the easier times have arrived?

With Hamilton Beach 62695V Power Deluxe Hand Mixer, the tough times with dough is over.

Now prepare the best bakery items in a jiffy with your very own hand held mixer. Want to know more about this amazing product? We have all the reasons why you should buy this product.

Benefits of Using Hamilton Beach 62695V Power Deluxe

Some of the most amazing benefits that you get by purchasing this product are mentioned below. You will be amazed to find out what this tiny mixer can do for you.

  • Compact Size: Storing kitchen appliances is one of the most common challenges. If you buy smaller appliances due to space limitations, you normally have to compromise on quality. With this hand held mixer at your disposal, your problems for storage have been resolved. Its smallish 9x4x5.5 inch design allows you to slip it inside the tiniest of space.
  • Extremely Powerful: Whisking and blending can be a bit of a challenge especially with dough. However, your will be amazed to find out the power performance of this little hand mixer. It has a 275 Watt powerful motor that produces great torque enough to whisk and blend the toughest dough. Hence, it saves a lot of effort as well as time.
  • Durable: You won’t have to worry about the life of your hand held mixer. It’s one of the qualities that differentiate it from other mixers around. You buy the mixer and get off the worries of changing and repairing the appliance every once in a while. If things don’t go according to plan, you can still seek support and warranty from the manufacturer.

Features of Hamilton Beach 62695V

With some amazing qualities and features this mixer has, it is pretty difficult to extract some of the best to feed your knowledge. Here are some cool features of this hand mixer.

  1. Six Variable Speeds: The last thing you want from your hand mixer is to splatter the mix all over the place due to high speed. With Hamilton Beach Power Deluxe Hand Mixer, your kitchen counter is set to stay clean and ‘mix-free’.

You can operate at the most optimal speed that you like. There are six speed options you can choose from. Hence, you can mix the toughest ingredients with utmost ease. An Yes, there is Quick Burst option as well in case you want to mix at super speed.

2. Bowl Rest Feature: If you’re worried about mix dripping off from the beaters once you’re done with it, you don’t need to worry anymore. The bowl rest feature in this mixer allows you to hang the mixer on the edge of the bowl. Hence, not only does it keep your counter clean but it also saves effort on your part.

3. Accessories and Storage: This mixer comes with storage as well so there is no need to place whisks separately. Beaters are another accessory that comes with this handheld mixer. When you’re done with mixing, place all the accessories along with the untangling cord inside the storage and let it stand upright Its dishwasher free so there won’t be any time wasted on hand washing your handheld mixer.

If you are still not convinced into buying this product, we have for you a simple analysis as to why you should opt for this product.

Pros and Cons


  • Cost Effective: This product just costs under $30 on Amazon. It is remarkably lower as compared to other hand mixers around. However, if you’re thinking that low cost means low quality, I suggest you buy this product and then learn that you were mistaken.
  • Whip Tough Ingredients: Ever tried whipping tough potatoes with a mixer? If you haven’t, then I suggest you can do that with this hand held mixer. Such a powerful motor that it has, allows you to mix and mesh thicker ingredients. Hence it also becomes ideal for cakes and pastries that require careful whisking.
  • Gradual Speed Change: To obtain better results, you would normally start with a slower speed. But ask yourself whether you have this option with the hand mixer that you have. With Hamilton Beach Power Deluxe Hand Mixer, you can slowly increase the motor speed thanks to its built in slower first speed feature.


  • Metal Flakes: One of the rear problems that this mixer has is that there might be metal flakes that can mix with food in the initial bursts. For that, it is better to first wash and test drive-mix with your mixer before putting it to real use.

Customer Score

Most of the customers seem positive about this product. On Amazon, you will find majority of the customers praising this hand mixer which is quite an indication about the popularity of this product.

Customers say that this model has been far better and has gone through tougher phases at which their previous and comparatively more expensive mixers failed. This is why it has become one of their favorites to serve the need.

Some buyers were so satisfied with the product that they trusted it completely and gifted this model to their friends and family. Hence, it tells that the product is quite reliable and worry-free.

You will also find some customers complaining about the product saying that the motor tends to burn out and metal flakes could pop up in the mix. However, if you take precautionary measure and use the mixer smartly, there are lesser chances of facing any troubles with the product.

How to install Hamilton Beach 62695V Power Deluxe

You will get a user manual and a guide to get you through the installation process. However, it is quite simple and even children can use the product without any hassle. However, it is recommended that you supervise your kids all the time.

  • Simply mount the beaters in the grooves assigned for them and attach the cord to power supply.
  • Plug in the cord to AC power supply
  • Make sure that the switch is set to zero ‘0’ as you plug in the cord.
  • Once used, wrap the cord around the body of the mixer.


With some amazing mixing and whisking options, this hand held mixer is sufficient to cater to all your mixing needs inside the kitchen. Prepare your favorite baked and meshed items with ease. The days where you had to go through troublesome hand mixing are now gone.

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