What to Look For When Choosing A Hand Mixer?

Are you planning to buy a hand mixer for your baking and cooking needs? We’ll help you out! With thousands of choices available in the market, it’s almost difficult to look for the best hand mixer of your choice. So here we are, to help you choose the best product.

The first, You need to answer three questions below:

1. Do you need a hand mixer?

You should know that hand mixers are best for whipping cream and eggs, or blending batter. Since they’re easy and quick, hand mixers are great for occasional and seasoned bakers.

But, if you are planning to bake in large amounts, you might have to use other equipment, like a Stand Mixer or even a food processor.

2. Is the Brand Important?

No, the brand doesn’t always matter. There are new brands of hand mixers available in the market that has both quality and value. For example : Hamilton Beach or Oster.

But, if you really care about the brand of your hand mixer, KitchenAid Hand Mixer is currently the leading name in the market.

There’s no doubt that there are expensive hand mixers which has more features compared to other standard products.

3. What should I look for in a hand mixer?

  • ComfortabilityWhen gripping the handle of the hand mixer, you should be comfortable when mixing or whipping so not to develop hand fatigue.
  • PerformanceA hand mixer needs to be able to meet your mixing needs. If it doesn’t, don’t bother at buying it at all.
  • Speeds & SwitchesTo be safe, a hand mixer should have an on/off switch. For the speeds, hand mixers offer different speeds for different mixing types.
  • WeightWeight can affect the performance of your hand mixer. If it’s too heavy, comfortability will be affected. If it’s too light, you won’t be able to control the performance of the device.
  • AttachmentsThe beaters are one of the most important aspect of a hand mixer and every product comes with a pair. However, there are different kinds of them according to your use:1. Balloon Whisk: The most common type of beaters made out of several flexible wires which are grouped at the end. There are different sizes of balloon whisks available. This type of beater is suitable for whisking eggs (egg whites), cream, whipped cream, and the like.2. French whisk: The second of the most popular whisks in the market, it’s also made out of several overlapping flexible wires which are attached together at the end. However, what makes it different to the first whisk is its narrow and long shape. This is great for liquids, thick sauces, and custard mixtures.3. Dough hook: Clearly, with its name, dough hook is used for making dough. However, there are hand mixers who can’t do the heavy task of making a dough. Therefore, you still might knead the dough after.4. Mixing bowl: There are different types of mixing bowls, ceramicstainless and plastic. But, we would recommend stainless steel mixing bowls which are light, durable and non-reactive. They’re also dishwasher-friendly.5. Blender: There are hand mixers that allow you to transform your hand mixer into a hand blender. It’s a great accessory if you have to purée or blend crops up. It’s also suitable for mayonnaise/salad dressing, baby food, chutney, soup and smoothies.6. Storage Stand: You don’t need to buy a separate container for your accessories, some hand mixers have a storage stand to keep them in one place after using. 
  • CleaningAfter a good use of the product and its attachments, it should be easy to clean. There should be less effort in doing so.
  • PriceThe price should reflect a hand mixer’s performance and size. If you are tight in budget, there are hand mixers available for not more than $30. In the $60 group, you will find an extensive list of hand mixers. But if you’re planning to buy products more than these price groups, you should carefully know what they can offer.


Buying a hand mixer solely depends on the buyer’s preference. The importance of each aspect is also your choice. Knowing what to look for in a hand mixer allows you to save time, money and effort. To find the best ones, you can look for reviews here

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  1. I came across an electric hand mixer with power of 120 Watts and I need to know if it’s enough for mixing batter and beating eggs or should I look for one with more power…


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