Hamilton Beach Speed Classic Hand Mixer Review

Hamilton-Beach-62650-6-Speed-Classic-Hand-Mixer-ReviewThere is no doubt about the importance of electric hand mixers in the kitchen, but choosing the right one can be a daunting task.

If you’re the one going through the same issues, you can read our review on Hamilton Beach 62650 6-Speed Classic Hand Mixer.

With all the basic components in place, Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Hand Mixer may not be able to compete with some top-of-the-line hand mixers in the market, but it certainly is a handy and economical tool to take care of your day-to-day mixing job.

Feature Highlights

Here are some highlights of Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

  • Powerful DC motor
  • Slanted handle offers comfortable grip.
  • Control buttons on the handle for single-hand usage.
  • Special feature for speed mixing and bowl rest for extra convenience
  • Snap-on storage case
  • Additional accessories for mixing beating and whipping
  • Housing made of high-quality stainless steel material.
  • Light weight of just 4.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.5” x 8.5” x 7.5”

Benefits of Hamilton Beach  6-Speed Classic Hand Mixer

  • Convenience that stands out

You wouldn’t get a better hand mixer on such a price when it comes to extra comfort and convenience. A powerful DC motor operates at 290 watts peaked, making your mixing tasks smoother, quicker and more convenient. This is a big plus for a 6 speed hand mixer, since most 7-speed gadgets still cannot reach that high.

With hand mixers, keeping the bowl at rest is the most troublesome aspect. The 6-speed electric hand mixer features Bowel Rest that helps prevent bowl movement. That means, you don’t have to hold the bowl with other hand while mixing ingredients.

Another worth considering factor is the one-push ejection button. With just a single push, you can detach the attachment. Is there anything more convenient?

  • Attractive and Durable Construction

Another positive about Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer is, it is constructed with durable and reliable brushed stainless steel material. That’s unlike other models within the same price range, because most other models come with plastic body.

Without doubt, plastic can hardly withstand motor vibrations on high speeds, making the hand mixer less effective with harder liquid and doughs. While stainless steel hand mixers are slightly overweight, but they have a clear advantage as they reduce lateral movements quite significantly.

Accessories and Storage

The snap-on storage case makes it even more convenient for you to carry your hand mixer anywhere. There will be no risk of any attachment being lost or deteriorated. Adding to that, you’ll get a number of attachments to take care of all the mixing and beating tasks.

Accessories include:

  • Traditional beaters
  • Whisk
  • Wired beaters.
  • Beaters and whisk are replaceable and quite affordable too.

Pros and Cons

Now, let’s take a look at some positives and negatives of this hand mixer.


  • Although, the entire product weighs 4.2 pounds, when you pick up the hand mixer, you’ll feel it not more than a pound or two.
  • At such a price, the electric hand mixers offers wider range of attachments compared to other similar models.
  • With bowl rest feature, your hand mixer can sit at the edge of the bowl and eliminates messy drips. You may not find this feature in any other model.
  • Price vs performance is one key factor that makes Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Hand Mixer stand out. Other similar mixers can hardly touch 220 watts while this model peaks at 290 watts.


  • Limited speed range can cause inconvenience in mixing, since you have limited options.
  • The mixer is slightly larger than other models, and few customers may find it a little more difficult to handle initially.
  • Stainless steel housing can heat up quickly on high speeds

What Customers Have In Mind

Hamilton Beach  Speed Classic Hand Mixer has received a large number of customer reviews and majority of them are positive. Customers highlighted quite a few benefits and drawbacks of this hand mixer and most talk about aspects have been design and motor performance.

  • Performance: To majority of customers, Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Hand Mixer is a powerful unit, featuring stainless steel housing and a motor that peaks higher than others. This reduces chances of motor burning significantly, and this is what customers liked the most in it.
  • Limited functions: As far as the speed options are concerned, the electric hand mixer features only 6 speeds, which is a major downside of it. This drawback can cause some issues earlier, but as you go on using it regularly, you will get explore how different ingredients can be mixed and mashed on different speeds.
  • Weight: Another, rather debatable point is related to the weight. While few customers found it heavy, most of them gave opposite views. The beaters can be ejected with a single-press of a button, but you need to push the button firmly.
  • Price: Price is another alluring factor, as customers haven’t found any other affordable hand mixer that could match this powerful unit. All in all, this 6-speed hand mixer has earned a lot of recommendations and praises from the customers.

Should You Buy it?

Why not? If you have a tight budget, Hamilton Beach Speed Classic Hand Mixer is there to give a high-profile performance, with the exception of functionality.

More importantly, the machine is convenient and durable – something that all chefs and housewives want to have in their kitchens. While it’s not suitable for hard bakery dough, it can take care of homemade dough, chocolate biscuits, cream, egg whites, potatoes and more.

Final Word

To summarize, Hamilton Beach Speed Classic Hand Mixer has got the looks, the power and attachments to deliver efficiency and convenience. The motor is quite powerful but you need to work in small periods, in order to avoid the body from heating. Plus, you may find it difficult to handle initially.

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