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Best Hand Mixer Vs Stand Mixer – Which One You Should Choose

It’s hard to change the perspective of the people on kitchen appliances, and it largely depends upon their preferences. But again, there may be a huge logical difference between what they think and what the reality is. This is the reason why we’ve decided to conduct a detailed research on Hand Mixer vs. Stand Mixer.

While both are essential for the kitchen in their own ways, each has some advantages and limitations as well. So, this post is all about Pros and Cons of Best Hand Mixers and Stand Mixers. Don’t mind if you’re favoring any one of them. You’ll always learn a thing or two from comparative analysis, such as this.

Stand Mixer

Stand Mixer features a heavy-duty motor housed inside a heavy-duty metallic body. The overall frame consists of the following elements:

  • Mounting base for mixing bowl: The bowl is placed and locked properly to avoid any damages or loss of ingredients.
  • Space for mounting mixing attachments: just below where the motor is, there is an attachment slot for different accessories, such as flat beater, whisks, dough hooks, wired beater, blender and more.

Home-based models are obviously smaller in size. An average sized home model has a bowl that can hold up to 4 quarts of mixture. Stand mixers for homes are generally kept on the kitchen countertop.

Benefits of stand mixer

  • Large mixing bowl helps mix the liquid without splashing its ingredients out.
  • Bowl is kept stable, so you don’t have to use your other hand to constantly hold it for the entire time.
  • Stand-mixer allows you to multi-task. You can concentrate on other cooking tasks while the mixing is being performed.
  • Stand mixers often contain timers and automatic stop features.
  • Because of the powerful motor and durable attachments, you can mix anything, even the thickest of doughs.
  • Stand mixer comes with, or has space for, a whole range of mixing attachments.

Limitations of stand mixer

  • Stand mixers are quite expensive and many customers cannot afford them.
  • Small kitchens have space issues, and stand mixer, due to their weight and size, can eat up a lot of kitchen space.
  • While mixing is quick, the cleaning part is quite difficult and time consuming
  • Stand mixer can be high energy consuming appliance in your home, since it has a powerful motor.
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