Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer Review

A kitchen is incomplete without a hand mixer. Whether you need to beat eggs for your cake or mash potatoes for your starter, electrical hand held mixers will get the work done. There are plenty of options to choose from, but Cuisinart 7 Speed Hand Mixer (HM-70) may just be the perfect solution for all your cooking and baking needs.

It offers a wide range of colors to choose from. It has speed and ability to mix anything from soft and delicate ingredients to the toughest homemade doughs.

So, what are you waiting for?

Features of Cuisinart HM-70 7 Speed Hand Mixer

Here are some of the many features that make it worth your buck.

  • 220 Watt Motor with Automatic Feedback: Cuisinart HM-70 has a 220 Watt powerful motor with automatic feedback technology. With this motor, it is able to mix almost anything from dry items to viscous liquids. Automatic feedback means that the mixer will automatically detect when there is need for boost and supplies additional power so you do not need to press any special boosting button. Perfect 🙂
  • Three Low Mixing Speeds: Looking for smooth and trouble free mixing? It offers a total of seven speed options with three specially dedicated to mix things at low speeds. This is designed keeping in mind those tough and dry ingredients and is ideal for mixing and folding foods like biscuits or crackers. You can change speeds with just one touch providing you with quick functionality.
  • LED Speed Display: The speed is easy to read with the LED Speed Display. You can quickly identify the speed your mixer is at when you are using it.

What Are the Benefits of Cuisinart HM-70 7 Speed Hand Mixer?

This product has a lot on offer and will surely prove a beneficial choice. Here are some of the advantages of using Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer:

  • Easy to Clean: It has a smooth, stainless and sealed surface that can be cleaned very easily. The attachments that come with this mixer are dishwasher safe i.e. you can just wash them in your dishwasher. Could it get any more convenient?
  • Optimal Performance: The mixer with the help of its powerful motor and high speed makes sure you get the result you desire. It can mix up almost anything.

1. Mixing dough can be a taxing job, but with this device in your hand it is more than easy to mix dough and other tough ingredients.

2. It will get the work done much faster than you would with your hands.

3. Another great outcome of this mixer is that your batter will have the right consistency which is very hard to achieve when using traditional whisks and beaters.

  • Maximized Comfort: The whole point is to make the work convenient and comfortable and this mixer will not lag behind in this aspect too.

1. It is light weight and easy to grip.

2. The heel rest makes the mixer stand on the counter straight.

3. And owing to the Smooth Start feature, there will be no mess in your kitchen as the speed slowly increases avoiding splatter.

  • 3 Year Warranty: This product has a limited three year warranty which is available to consumers. This is a pretty good deal considering many hand mixers do not last more than two years. And also not many brands offer warranty for such appliances.

Pros and Cons of Cuisinart HM70 7 Speed


  • It offers variety of speeds with the ability to change speed easily with just one touch. The speeds are carefully divided to support corresponding mixing needs (Slow for hard foods and fast for fluids).
  • It is safe to say that it can easily be used by both left handed and right handed individuals due to its swivel rotating cord. It is also worth mentioning the cord is quite long to provide even more mobility.
  • Accessories also include a spatula and a free recipe book so you can use this mixer to create new and exciting dishes.


  • It only comes with a whisk and two beaters. There are no other extra attachments.

Customer Reviews

If the features and benefits of the Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer did not convince you yet, its reviews are bound to make you buy this product right now. It has largely positive reviews on Amazon with a lot of customers reporting satisfaction with the product.

What home-based users think?

Some customers reported that they have been using it for years and it delivers the same performance every time. Its durability surely makes it the best hand held mixer against many mixers from other competitive brands. Other than its longevity, people liked its slow mixing speeds and overall efficiency.

What professionals had to say?

There were reviews from professional cooks who use it daily in their restaurants and bakeries, making it all the more reliable. Most people said it offers good value for money and that it delivers what it promises.

Additional Information and Tips to Use

It is also accompanied with an instruction manual that will help you get started. You can read all the safety instructions and how to fix and eject the beaters and whisks. You can find all kinds of information from maintenance to warranty.

  • Make sure you keep it clean and use it safely in order to increase its life.
  • It is advised that it is unplugged and off while fixing or removing the attachments.


Cuisinart HM-70 is an affordable mixer and has a lot on offer. It will serve as a great addition to your kitchen. This is your ultimate baking buddy that will surely prove its worth with its speedy performance.

  • Mixing things has never been this easier and the reviews speaks volumes about the comfort and convenience provided by this hand mixer.
  • All your batter ingredients will stay where they should, i.e. in the bowl and there will be no mess on the counter.
  • Bake those delicious cakes and cookies that bring your guests to the edge of their seats.

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