Best Hamilton Beach Hand Mixers Reviews in 2019

Hand mixers eliminate the need of mixing ingredients with your bare hands. These fast machines can help mix a variety of foods. From beating eggs to mixing cookie dough, you can achieve better and faster results by using these. There are so many choices of hand mixers with each offering unique features. Hamilton Beach hand mixers are affordable and easy to use.

Whatever your needs are, there will be something for you from Hamilton’s diverse range of hand mixers. These are designed to offer convenience and easy maintenance. Most people complain about mixers splashing batter or messing the counter. But with Hamilton Beach hand mixers, you can stop worrying about the mess and cook with comfort.

Hamilton Beach – A Trusted Name

Hamilton Beach is a well known name in the world of kitchen appliances. They offer reliable and affordable solutions for your cooking and baking needs. Selling over 35 million appliances every year, they are a trusted brand among thousands of households across North America and beyond.

I find their hand held mixers very useful in my kitchen and here I have three of their best selling products:

1. Hamilton Beach 62695V Power Deluxe Hand Mixer

This product is light weight and offers 6 speeds along with a speed boosting button. Quick burst will increase the speed instantaneously and give boost to the mix. Quickburst button can be used with any speed. The hand mixer comes with traditional whisks and chrome beaters to ensure optimal mixing in less time.

The great thing about this hand blender is that it reduces splatter with its special low speeding mechanism. It also comes with a bowl rest so your counter is safe from messy batters. And with Quickburst button you can mix the toughest of the ingredients.

It has exceptional rating on Amazon indicating that most buyers were satisfied with it. It is very easy to use and can help in mixing eggs, or whisking cream or even in mashing potatoes. However, if you are looking for a long lasting mixer, this might not be the best choice.

2. Hamilton Beach 62650 6-Speed Classic Hand Mixer

This silver colored mixer offers great grip as it is designed considering the ergonomics of mixing. With a peak power of 290 Watts, it makes the whole blending process easy and fast.

It is brushed with stainless steel to protect it from flaking or rusting. You will not be losing your beaters as it also comes with a snap-on storage case.

This Hamilton Beach hand mixer also offers a range of six different speeds with an additional QuickBurst button to charge up the process. The bowl rest feature makes it easier to keep it against the bowl.

And if all of this is not enough, this mixer comes with a versatile range of equipments like wire beaters, whisks, dough beaters and traditional beaters.

It weighs just 4.2 pounds and its price is reasonable as well. The customers who used it gave it a high rating. Most customers praised its high speed and overall efficiency in mixing.

3. Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer with Snap-On Case

This mixer from Hamilton offers almost all the features of other Hamilton hand mixers but at a much less price. It is also relatively small in size and comes in white color. Offering six different speeds and QuickBurst speed booster, it can help blend a variety of ingredients.

Since it is light weight and small, it is very easy to carry around and takes minimal space in your kitchen. The snap-on case ensures safety and storage of the equipment.

The hand mixer has a maximum power is 250 watts. It includes traditional beaters and whisks. Right now, it is the cheapest of the three mixers from Hamilton Beach. It offers comfort, convenience and value for money.

Hamilton Beach 62682RZ has received mixed reviews on Amazon, but its overall feedback makes it a promising helper in your kitchen. Some customers reported that the chrome plating on beaters started flaking after some time. That means, it’s good choice but not a long lasting one.

Why Should You Choose Hamilton Hand Mixers?

  • Affordability: These products are incredibly cheap especially considering the many features they have on offer. You can buy a mixer for under $15 to $20.
  • Speed: This is the whole point of getting a mixer to do the mixing. Traditionally, mixing ingredients with hands take ages. Hamilton’s mixers have high powered motors and different speeds to help accomplish the best results.
  • Convenience: Gone are the days when baking meant mess all over the kitchen. Hamilton makes sure that your batter does not splash and your counter is clean. The entire process is fast and easy making cooking and baking ‘easy as cake.’

Pros and Cons of Hamilton Beach Hand Mixers


  • Bowl Rest to protect the batter to drop on your platform
  • No messy splatters due to gradual decrease in speed
  • QuickBurst button to boost up the speed further
  • Snap-on case for storing equipment


  • Bowl Rest to protect the batter to drop on your platform

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do these products have warranty? Warranty depends on the product. However, for the mixers reviewed above there is no warranty.
  • Are there any shipment charges? There is a shipping fee depending on your location. However, there is free shipping for orders over $49.
  • Which speed is better? Lower speeds are recommended for hard foods and higher for liquid ingredients. It is recommended to increase speed one level at a time.
  • Is it supposed to sit on top or snap into the storage? It snaps into the storage and there is space for the cord as well. Put the container on a surface and put the mixer inside it upside down. It will fix right into it.
  • Does it make sound? Yes it can be loud.


Hamilton Beach offers a great variety of hand mixers at affordable rates and with diverse equipments. These range from $14 to $30 and will not take a lot of space in the kitchen. They have high ratings on Amazon and mostly positive feedback. With a combination of different speeds and high powered motors, you can blend almost anything. If difficulty to mix things was hindering your cooking, these mixers might just be the thing you need.

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