Mind Blowing Secret Ingredient Ice Cream

Now that summer is rolling in, I often find myself craving a sweet, creamy, cold, refreshing treat… AKA ice cream. I am not going to lie, ice cream may or may not be my all-time favorite dessert. That is why this recipe is my saving grace!

There is just something about a creamy bowl of ice cream… With all the flavor options, add-ins etc. ice cream is just so fun, comforting, and downright delicious There is nothing like diving into your favorite flavor, that is until you find yourself feeling lethargic after a serving or two.

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Ice cream, in all its yummy glory, is one of the most sugar filled, fat enticing, desserts out there. It is not rich like cake or brownies, so it is easy to find yourself eating multiple servings, without feeling sick… that is until the sugar rush hits you!

Would you believe me if I said there was a way to make ice-cream that is:

1. Sugar free
2. Low fat
3. Customizable

Because guess what? There is!!

This ice-cream recipe is super easy. The flavor options are limitless and there is no need to worry about over indulging because it is actually good for you! These recipe technically only requires 1 ingredient… Bananas.

Yes, you read me right, bananas. It turns out that when you freeze a banana and then place it in a food processor- it turns into ice cream! Lucky us right?! And then there is always the option to add in whatever you like.

Cacao nibs? Be my guest! Healthy chocolate chip cookie dough chucks? Why not! Strawberries? Oh yes. You can create whatever flavor your heart desires. I am going to give you the recipe for an easy classic vanilla flavor and a chocolate version.

The vanilla is the base I use before I add in anything and make a new flavor. You can simply add vanilla extract, or a few dates for extra sweetness. You could even make a healthy chocolate sauce (1tbs cocoa powder + 4tbs water + stevia) to accompany this ice cream. The sky is the limit!

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