Hand Mixer Buying Guide – 8 Pro Tips

What is a hand mixer? A hand mixer is a kitchen appliance used to mix and blend ingredients. It’s similar to using a whisk, but the handheld mixer has more power and can handle heavier tasks like making whipped cream or kneading dough.

The best hand mixers are easy to use, straightforward, and versatile; they’re also lightweight for those of us who don’t want another bulky item in our already cluttered kitchens. With so many on the market today it can be difficult choosing one that will fit your needs. This post shares six pro tips for Hand Mixer Buying Guide for you!

Do you know what most annoying and messy work is in the kitchen? If you’re a housewife, you’ll say, “mixing dough!” and why not? It needs to be perfectly battered and beat so that you’re loved ones get the best nutrients without their bellies being affected.

So, it would help if you had a high-quality hand mixer to take care of this job and take care of your family’s health as well. But the real question is, “Can an ordinary hand mixer do the job as effectively as you want?” Well, maybe!

8 Pro Tips for Hand Mixer Buying Guide

Just like most people, if you’re in a fix, this post contains top tips to purchase a hand mixer, given by industry experts. Here they are:

1. Identify Your Needs

You don’t necessarily have to buy a big machine that can beat the hardest of the doughs. Look at your preferences. If you’re a housewife, you will do away with an electric hand mixer that can run within the range of 5 to 7 speeds. Having mentioned that, some good models offer 9-speeds.

2. Make sure it has enough power –

The most important thing to look at is how powerful the motor is on the hand mixer that you want to buy. You need it to be strong enough that it can handle mixing thicker ingredients like cookie doughs or egg whites without struggling, but not too powerful where it will go flying across your countertop with every use.

3. Look at reviews –

It’s always good practice before making a purchase online or in-store, to read reviews from people

4. Look into the Design Features

And that’s before considering any other feature. You might fall for color or sleek structure at first, but the real problem starts when you use the hand mixer in the kitchen. The best hand mixer should have the following design attributes:

  • It must have a rounded shape with easy-to-reach buttons.
  • It must have a slanted handle that should also offer a comfortable grip. A slanted handle makes mixing and beating much more manageable than straight handles because you don’t have to point your elbow in line with your shoulder right above the handle.
  • The hand mixer should be lightweight.
  • The placement of buttons should be such that you can on/off or switch speeds with just the movement of the thumb – practically with one hand.

5. Take a Look at the Construction

The next best thing in the electric hand mixer is construction. Handmixer is plenty of materials available in the market, and each has its effectiveness, such as plastic and stainless steel. While comfort and feel are essential things, performance is another factor in choosing the best hand mixer.

  • Stainless steel makes your machine much more durable, but it can heat up quickly at top speeds.
  • On the other hand, plastic material absorbs the motor heating, but the hand mixer tends to vibrate more and cause discomfort while mixing.

6. Consider Speeds

The more speeds you’ll get, the better it is, for the hand mixer sounds more efficient and multi-functional. Besides top speeds, there is a zero-speed option that gives you a smooth and trouble-free start. Then there is a quick burst feature to shift to higher rates rapidly.

  • With higher speed options, you can do many mixing tasks with a single device, such as beating dough, mixing ingredients, whipping cream or egg yolk, etc.
  • The number of speeds may also indicate the motor power. Typically, an electric hand mixer with a 250+ watt motor is a good choice for kitchen work.

7. Look for Accessories

Hand mixers these days come with all kinds of accessories, such as wired beaters, curved beaters, whisks, dough hooks, and more. While more attachments give you more options, it is more important to see the material. Moreover, the price and availability of accessories is another factor you need to think about.

  • A hand mixer with stainless steel beaters and whisks is considered a good option.
  • Nowadays, some hand mixers also feature a snap-on case for storing these attachments in one place.

8. Consider Convenience

While electric hand mixers are the most sophisticated gadgets around, you may want to dig deeper into more convenient options. So, note whether you’re the hand mixer you’ve picked up has these things on offer:

  • Support at the bottom to rest the hand mixer at the edge of the bowl for smoother, easier mixing,
  • Single-press accessory detachment for easy cleaning,
  • Tangle-free cord for better reach,
  • Manufacturer’s warranty, and more


There is a wide range of hand mixers available in the market, but not all of them are the same.

  • You need to compare the features and benefits with your preferences.
  • Consider the price factor and get the right-hand mixer for your kitchen.
  • Keep reading our posts and update yourself with the latest hand mixers in the market.

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