What to buy your boyfriend for Christmas

Top 24 Christmast Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Christmas has been known as one of the most special events in a year. It is time for every member of your family share memorable moments with each other. During Christmas, people have a chance to enjoy their favorite foods, movies or simply sleep.

However, it seems that Christmas is not only simple with fruitcake or reindeer. There are several important things for us to keep in mind when shopping for this holiday. It is quite difficult for you to escape from noisy crowds and music, parking areas and kids’ cry. One of the most popular phrases you can easily search for this day is what to buy your boyfriend for Christmas. Understanding the psychology of girls, we collect the best Christmas Gifts for Men in this critical event. All of them could be found everywhere with the fabulous features exceeding its price.

Top 24 Christmas Gifts For Men

1. Sony DSCW800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera

For people who are looking for a high-quality digital camera with the reasonable price, this digital camera may be a great option. Due to the surprisingly compact size, your men could bring the tool without any difficulty. In addition to sleek design, it provides crystal images with high megapixel CCD sensor and 720p HD recording videos. With this camera, capturing remarkable moments under dim light is possible. It is quite easy to use the camera thanks to the clear design and readable menu system. Make he feel happy with your interesting gift.

2. Fire Tablet, 7’’ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB – Includes Special Offers

The special guy in your list will be more fashionable by wearing this fine tablet, answering the question what to buy your boyfriend for Christmas 2016. It is completely suitable for people who do not concern much about the latest technology. At the reasonable price, Fire Tablet provides a variety of standard functions such as surfing the Web, reading, watching, gaming and even online shopping. Another amazing feature is that an Apple iPad Mini 2 device offers reasonable cost parallel up to 6 Fire Tablets. Long-lasting battery life is a positive feature of the unit, which helps users watch thousands of interesting shows. Feel great to enjoy many favorite programs without any pressure of being out of battery.

3. Christmas Bling Funny Ugly Christmas Meme Sweatshirt

Find out the most suitable size for your men through 100 available designs of T-shirt. This is definitely considered as one of the best online shops currently. The cool shirt comes with long sleeves to create warmth in this winter. Made from 100% super soft material, it guarantees to bring the best comfort to wearers. You have a chance to get a free exchange if you do not feel satisfied with the shirt form and design. The shirt is actually something what to get my boyfriend for Christmas teenage. It is possible to wash this shirt in the machine or by hands. How convenient it is!

4. Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers 6’’ Lace-Up Boot

Is there anything special about this type of leather boot? Wearing the boot not only brings the attractive style to men but also the friendliness to the environment. It is made from 100% organic cotton and recycled rubber. Men will look cooler with this eye-catching boot. Due to the water resistance, it allows users to walk everywhere they want without getting wet. Other key features of the tool include well-built design, high durability, and surprising comfort. Spend time on your feet all day with less shock absorption. Quickly order this attractive model from now on.

5. Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit Set

Most of the girls wonder what should I get my boyfriend for Christmas quiz. This shaving kit set is a popular option for most of the men because of shaving effectiveness and a variety of accessories. While some sets have animal testing, Ultimate Shaving is completely safe without animal ingredients. By using this shaving set, you could say goodbye to toxins, alcohol, petroleum oil, dyes and more. Get the creative shaving by the supply of abundant accessories such as double edge razors, shaving soap, aftershave, and body soap. All of them have luxury organic origin from argan oil, cocoa butter, aloe Vera and bentonite clay.

6. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

Become sexier with the most well known jean brand all over the world, Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male. Unique scent is what we can describe this irresistible jean for men. There are different fragrance notes combining in this product, including passion fruit, frozen mint as well as the scent of caviar and leather. They work well with each other in creating the manly fragrance that attracts women at the first date. The best uses for this jean are in winter or at night. It inspires the feelings of modernity, simplicity, gentling and belief. This fragrance lasts for several hours and it is flavorful enough during a whole party.

7. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900

There is no need of going to the hairdresser, removing hair right at home with the support of Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900. The most impressive feature of this smart shaver is the capability of producing both dry and wet shaving functions. Users will find it easy to hold this compact tool in their hands. Due to sharp blades, it helps provide smooth and close finish in surprisingly quick time. You do not have to spend much time and effort in getting a perfect shaving. Access holes come in 3 kinds for dealing with almost types of hair, even the thickest ones. Besides, JetClean system is responsible for maintaining the whole device by effectively washing, lubricating and drying. Get it now!

8. Bellroy Leather Hide & Seek Wallet

As one of the leading brands in providing high-quality leather wallets, Bellroy is an ideal recommendation for most of the men. It is all what to get your boyfriend for Christmas DIY. Although this model offers slightly high cost, it is appropriate to multifunctional traits. Your men will actually feel great with the perfect combination of the owl emblem and cowhide images. Solid construction is another impressive feature of the wallet. No matter you sit regularly on the wallet, there is no sign of fading or scratching on its surface. Though the wallet is extremely slim, it could hold massive things that exceed your expectations. Users not only can keep receipts, but also a great number of telephone numbers from girls. Is it very useful, right?

9. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ice Blue Dial Platinum Mens Watch 116506IBLSO

So, think about what to get your boyfriend for Christmas in high school. Look at this luxury watch. It attracts most of the customers’ eyes at the first glance with a platinum bracelet. As you know, platinum is one of the rarest metals for brightness. Coming with sapphire crystal, it creates the elegance to men. You could rest assured about the solid construction of this model. Feel confident to wear the watch everywhere you want without any pressure of scratching. Moreover, the model offers basic features of a smartwatch in clearly showing hour, minute, second as well as chronograph. A typical feature that many people love about this watch is its water resistance up to 100 meters / 330 feet. Then, walking under the rain is no matter when you use this watch.

10. Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR

As an upgrade from the Canon T3, Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR inherits a great number of fabulous characteristics. With the intelligent design, this camera provides the great ease of operating by just only one hand. Mention about the image quality creating from this entry-level model. You absolutely feel happy with its sharp images and vivid videos. It provides a good chance for you to capture funny moments or sceneries thanks to ISO 3200 and 720p. The device works best under average conditions, not too dim, fast or erratic. It takes you less than one second to gain focus and capture a shot. Change color levels if you feel that they are inaccurate. At reasonable price class, these features are big deals. It is worth calling the camera as what to get your boyfriend for Christmas 2016.

11. Asus F555LA Laptop

In addition to the sleek appearance, Asus laptop also brings excellent multimedia functions at its price tag. It comes with beautiful black plastic and brown lids that are very outstanding, especially under the shiny light. There are Asus signature and logo on the laptop surface. This helps distinguish Asus from other brands. Besides, the screen is 15 inches in size to display clear contents. Weighing at 4.6 pounds, it is so compact to take to your office without the pressure of bulky design. For those who often use Excel to work, typing the laptop is a great option. Typing on this unit is completely easy and fast. The 1080p display offers high resolution and great brightness. Using the laptop is a good way to relax your eyes due to the equipment of white backgrounds. It is one of the best things to get your boyfriend for Christmas. Strong speakers are a big advantage of this advanced model. They make watching videos or films on Laptop are much better than ever before.

12. New Apple MMGF2LL/A MacBook Air 13.3-Inch Laptop

Another popular option of laptop nowadays is New Apple MMGF2LL/A MacBook. It is obvious that MacBook is one of the latest versions of Apple that every man should own. Slim design and easy to use keyboard are big advantages of this model. With this laptop, doing computing jobs becomes so simple and effective. Searching Web or typing Office Word could be done well on the bright and clear screen. You can take advantage of the unit in surprisingly long time due to a durable battery of 54Wh. It means the laptop allows you to enjoy your favorite programs up to 11 hours without charging. Of course, playing game on this unit is acceptable with fast accessing speed. Do different tasks with the unit through the memory system of 8GB. Let your boyfriend discover this modern gift.

13. ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW 15’’ 4K Touchscreen Laptop 

The ASUS ZenBook features a slim aluminum design for easy carrying and using. It is an ideal option for people who are on tight budget and looking for an energy laptop that can work effectively all day. In comparison with other laptops having 15 inches, Asus is much lightweight with only 5 pounds. Although the unit is compact, it delivers all advanced features of a high-end laptop. Coming with a 4K screen, it promotes your commuting jobs with enough brightness and clarity. Furthermore, you can watch many interesting films with more accuracy thanks to this high resolution. One common problem that many people have to deal with when using laptops is heating. With this laptop, it remains suitable heat under 91 degrees Fahrenheit.  Are you ready to watch films with your men in this Christmas?

14. BLU R1 HD

Are you seeking for a good phone at the affordable price? Then, the BLU R1 HD will satisfy you well. The nice display is the first important feature of this device. It offers high resolution of 1280 x 720 to show clearly the menu. Thanks to glass 3 panel, it helps protect the display from damaging and scratching. Touching all information in the screen is very easy without any difficulty. Move on its battery life. The phone is quite good at providing a long battery of nearly 6 hours at the highest brightness. Quick recording video is another great feature of the tool. With the ability to produce 30 frames each second, it is perfect to capture important moments in your life. You have a chance to get the best quality of images due to the 8-megapixel camera. There is an internal memory system of 16GB to keep your favorite songs, and other contents. Cheer to sharing memorable moments with your boyfriend.

15. Awair Smart Air Quality Monitor

Are you concerning about the health of the important men in your life? Let’s pay attention to Awair Smart Air Quality Monitor. The device is very efficient in adjusting your room temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, toxic chemicals and dust. Not only does the air monitor show necessary notifications of air problems, but also their solutions. Knowing how the device works is a fantastic feature for most of users. The unit connects well with other leading mobile phones to provide all information you need when necessary. You will find it easy to set up the monitor without additional accessories. Besides the intelligent alerts, it also suggests efficient ways to deal with the alarm issues.  Every member of your family can read the monitor interface thanks to a helpful color system. Even your grandparents or your kids could recognize incorrect things with the machine.

16. All New Echo Dot 2nd Generation

People who are familiar with the first generation of Echo Dot will actually fall in love with the second generation. Every feature is similar, exception for some slight changes. New Echo Dot 2nd Generation is really a smart speaker in responding all questions from users. All you need to do is setting up the device in a suitable place in your room. Then, make a connection between the Echo Dot with a speaker. The powerful characteristic of this tool is that it can recognize your voice even in loud noise. Compact and elegant size make the dot become an ideal option for decorating your table. The tool has two options of colors, including white and black. Moreover, recording voice becomes so simple with the perfect combination of different parts such as dual-band Wi-Fi, a small speaker, and Bluetooth connection as well as up to 7 microphones. In case you do not want to record your voice, press the Mute button.

17. Apple iPhone 6 64GB

Here is the sleekest smartphone of Apple that promises to make men more stylish. The smartphone attracts customer’s eyes at the first glance by the beautiful design of glass on the front and metal on the back. The iPhone 6 solves almost issues of its predecessors in battery, design, screen and camera. It belongs to the smartphone class that has the fastest speed of accessing. You can use one hand to access the unit without any challenge. Coming with 6.9mm of the thickness, holding tightly the phone is very easy, so convenient! This slim device has 4.7 inches in size of the display, which is not so small but thin enough to put into the pocket. With this feature, there is nothing more wonderful than watching videos with your beloved ones. Another big plus of the phone is its great ease of reading under dim light thanks to the equipment of Night shift mode. There are a great number of colors for you to choose from, including silver, gold, and gray- great for different guys on your list.

18. Amazon Echo

It’s worth value purchasing this smart home speaker for your boyfriend in this Christmas. When it comes to using the machine, you have a chance to enjoy the excellent sound quality and a stream selection of music. The tool is more than a normal Bluetooth speaker. It enables you to add up to 250 favorite songs to the list. Besides, the Alexa language is very natural that answers many questions from users in different fields. This device is a good choice for the use in bedroom or living room and an interesting gift for men.

19. Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver for Men

Purchase this great shaver means you are having an opportunity to pay for a valuable product for your men. Impressive design and high effectiveness are perfect benefits of the tool. Save your time when shaving thanks to the washable ability and waterproof. Because it offers fully sealed design, you do not have to worry about the penetration of moisture into its body. Depending on your particular demands, you could choose the best shaving settings among 3 options. Most of the men feel happy with the smooth and clean shaving just in few minutes. Let your boyfriend feel fresh to start a new day with this advanced shaver.

20. CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow

Your men will look like a bear with this powerful crossbow. The crossbow has perfect combination between the eye-catching aluminum finish and other innovative features. Talking about the weight, it is so compact to bring everywhere you want. Due to the solid grip, you could shoot your targets in an accurate way from far distances. The grip is comfortable enough to suit your arm length and help you get a good balance. Some people may feel confused about the break from this crossbow. It is so smooth and clean even after you produce a great number of shots.

21. H2H Mens Fashion Business Suit Vest

This holiday is the perfect time to let your men appear with the fashionable suit vest. Besides the elegant design, the vest also comes with high comfort and affordable price. Made from 65% polyester, the set is so slim and lightweight to suit different sizes. There are dozens of colors and sizes for you to choose from, which satisfy your men in many aspects. Plus, the free ship is available when buying this vest.

22. Caterpillar Men’s Heavy Insulated Parka

Feel warm in this winter with the stylish Caterpillar insulated parka. This parka is made completely from 100% polyester for the maximum of comfort. There are adjustable zips and cords for protecting you from cold weather as well as keeping warmth. Lengthening or shortening the draw cords to fit closely your waist. Safety is one of the most important features we should mention here. The parka gains high appreciation thanks to excellent water resistance, insulation and windproof.

23. Bed Stu Men’s Basalt Oxford

For men who love the simplicity but high-end quality. This basalt is an ideal recommendation for use in every season thanks to edgy style and fashionable look. The shoes are made from leather in both upper and sole. This helps create the comfortable feelings for walking all day. You cannot imagine how your men will be pretty with this attractive model.

24. Wantdo Men’s Waterproof Mountain Jacket

Here is a number one option for camping, hiking, fishing and cycling in the cold weather. The jacket has appreciated capability to keep you warm through windproof, waterproof and breathability.

This is regarded as the most creative gifts ideas for men 2016 in our list. It features one inside pocket, shoulder epaulets and stand color. This design helps create the feeling of being always ready in every situation.

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