How to Choose the Best Hand Mixer?

bigstock-Cooking-buttery-cream-on-kitch-119950451If you’re a working women, a chef or just an occasional cooker, you’d definitely hate to waste your time beating the dough. Although, it’s highly unlikely if you live in urban areas filled with hi-tech gadgets and mechanical aids, there’s a chance you might be needing a better, more economical and easy-to-handle mixture.

The question is, how would you go about choosing the best hand mixer that offers performance, light-weight, multiple functions, space for other accessories and more?

Want to get away with your large stand mixer?

Not all the people want a large stand mixer that eats up valuable space in a small kitchen. It becomes more irritating at times, especially when you just have a small mixing to do. Anyhow, the debate over stand mixers and hand mixers is long and it’s more about functionality, price and compatibility.

If you’re new to cooking, you should start with a hand mixer, and later, think about adding a stand mixer in your appliances. Since you have plenty of portable hand mixers with different attachment options, it’s highly unlikely you’d go for a stand mixer in future.

Difference between Stand Mixer and Hand Mixer

  • Stand Mixers aren’t any less capable, in fact more powerful compared to hand mixers. They have a motorized heavy base. Then there is a head that play as a house to all sorts of beater attachments. Lastly, there is a removable bowl locked beneath the beaters.
  • On the other hand, hand mixer features a light-weight motor, so that you can lift it and move it around. All you have to do is, hold it over the bowl of dough, potatoes or egg yolk etc. and move it sparingly to mix the contents.

Luckily, there are some great handheld mixers you can have. At the same time, be aware of the poor ones. In order to help you choose the best hand mixer, we have some really handy tips for you.

6 Things to Look For in the Best Hand Mixer

Like any other product you choose, first thing to start from are features and specifications. You should have an idea about the latest features and benefits. Here are some important aspect you should consider:

How to choose the best hand mixer?

1.Wattage: Electric hand mixers consume between 200 and 250 watts. If it’s a typical thinner mixer, it should have a motor that operates on 200-225 watts. If the hand mixer you’ve chosen, offers that much power, it can be a good choice for your kitchen. For serious cookers and chefs, there are more powerful options featuring 300+ watt motors to take care of stiffest of doughs.

2.Multiple Speeds: Since you have many things to mix, you need a mixing device that offers multiple speeds. “A good handheld mixer should offer at least 5 speeds”, more would make it ideal for you. In fact, Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Handheld Mixer offers 9 speeds, and is undoubtedly one of the best handheld mixers in the market today.

3.Low Start Speed: In connection to above point, a good hand mixer should have significantly slow start speed. Technically speaking, if the product manual or specs have information about “low speeds”, then the mixer will be capable of starting slow. Slow start (or low speed) is meant to avoid any unnecessary splattering of ingredients. Some handheld mixers offer as many as 3 slow-start speeds, which is amazing.

4.The Handle: Since it’s a hand mixer, the way you hold it, or the way you are allowed to hold it, counts a lot in the quality of mixing. So, you need to ensure how comfortable the mixer handle is. There are different designs to choose from.

Some mixers come with parallel handles and some are slightly slanted. While it depends upon your comfort level, we recommend mixer handles that are not parallel.

  • To grip a parallel handle you need to lift your elbow up, which is not the case with slanted handles.
  • Slanted handles not only give you a good comfy grip, they also save you from applying extra force.

5. Overall Construction: Overall construction and design of a mixture can make or break its reputation. If you observe seams at the bottom where beaters are, leave that item and search for another model. The reason is, while mixing, sugar or dough will stick and trap inside those seams. It means, you’ll have to spend a lot of time cleaning those seams. Plus, the mixer will wear out quickly.

6.Easy-to-Clean: Finally, a hand mixture with impressive design and flawless construction should also save your time cleaning it. The best hand mixers really don’t need too much cleaning. You can clean them with single damp cloth.


Other Things to Consider

If you have gone through above mentioned factors, yet you are not sure about the product, here are some features you may want to look for.

  • Should you go for branded models?

While best stand mixers are attributed to the make and brand, but this is not the case with hand mixers. When you have plenty of small appliance brands offering high-performance hand mixers, there’s no need to spend extravagantly. But, if you are looking for eye-captivating designs and additional features, you can find a large variety of brands in the market.

Even if you’re not concerned about the brand, at least make sure it has a good reputation. You can easily sort it out by going through hand mixer reviews and customer rating.

  • Does the hand mixer have the storage space?

As said, hand mixers are handheld devices so storage case is just an option. However, a storage case may be worthwhile, if you want to keep all the accessories safe at one place.

  • Does it have a dough hook?

In general, an average powered hand mixer has a dough hook, which simply means it cannot handle bread dough, no matter how hard you try. If you need something more flexible, you should have a hand mixer with powerful motor and whisk attachment.

Final Thoughts

Hand mixers are must-have kitchen appliances today. With electric mixers around, you don’t have to waste your time beating dough with manual hand mixers anymore! But you should choose the best hand mixer for your kitchen needs. Here’s a recap of things you should do:

  1. Check the wattage
  2. Check speed functions and low speed options
  3. See how comfortable the handle is
  4. Pay attention to overall construction
  5. Choose the model that already has a good reputation.

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