Top 11 best juicers on the market 2018

For juicing lovers, there is nothing more wonderful than enjoying a cup of flavored juice every morning. It is considered as one type of powerful drink that provides energy and passion for starting a new day. Understanding the psychology of customers, many manufacturers in this field introduce a new invention to the market, advanced juicer. An effective juicer may be the first thing you are looking for at a multi-functional kitchen appliance. With juicers, you can do more than juicing. Most of juicing machines not only can extract fruits and vegetables, but also other beverages such as hot/cold tea, cappuccino, etc…

People may find it challengeable to select the best juicers for their needs and budgets. Three major types of juicers include masticating, centrifugal and triturating. However, our review today will help you narrow down your decisions by comparing the top rated juicers on the market. These models are believed to develop strongly in the future with the support of well-known brands in the world. No matter you want a single cup or even several cups of beverage at the same time, a smart juicer can meet your needs well. As a result, you don’t need to care about the ground waste as same as in other traditional models. A question raised in our mind is what is the best juicer to buy? The answer is so simple. The best juicer for greens should closely match your expectations most. It is due to the variations in models and innovative features that make many juicer brands out-standing from the others.

Best Juicers 2018

We couldn’t deny the significantly strong development of juicers in this day and age. In the list below, we would like to introduce the best juicers to fit your demands. It helps answer the question what is the best juicer on the market among different juicers on sale from thousands of customers.

Our review covers top 11 juicers to purchase in 2017. It is conducted basing on professional opinions and customer feedbacks to help you have a comprehensive view about the product. The review also contains guides and advices for choosing the right juicers. We analyzed the best juicers according to high ratings from experts and customers. The levels of our score changes between 1 and 10, parallel the minimum and the maximum. The higher scores, the greater satisfaction customers can get after using the juicer.

  1. Omega J8005 Nutrition Center Single-gear household Masticating Juicer

The Omega J8005 is regarded as one of the best juicer for greens in our list. If you are looking for a juicer with high technology and the great ease of use, this juicer is an ideal recommendation. It has the ability of yielding juice at low speed of 80rpms. One fact is that low spinning speed doesn’t mean low juicing quality. Versatility is one of the most important features of the juicer we should mention here. With Omega J8005, you can do more than a normal juicer. The unit plays a role as a grinder, a food processor as well as a pasta extruder. Moreover, working based on dual-stage system, it could produce high juice without clogging, foaming and build-up heating. Feel rest assured about the silent motor of the unit, resulting in its great quietness.

As you know, regular drinking juice is a good method to lose weight. There are 2 stages occurred in its juicing process. The first stage is crushing foods and the second one is yielding.

Dry pulp is a great result after its extracting process. It helps minimize the development of moisture in your juice form. Besides, you could be completely rest assured about the quality of juice when using Omega J8005. Thanks to low speed, it retains all nutrients and limits oxidation in the quality of juice. Making continuous juicing is so simple due to strong motor.

As same as other masticating juicers, a downside of the Omega J8005 that makes you feel disappointed is the incapability of extracting leafy greens or wheatgrass. If you often yield these kinds of food, look at centrifugal models. Some people may find it quite pricy; however, the juicer equips smooth juice and compact size for big convenience.


All in all, we absolutely love the multi-functional features of Omega J8005. You can use the machine for making food for baby, snacks, nut butters and other drinks. Coming with slow rotation, there is no heat during the juicing process. However, look for other models if you are seeking for a juicer that can extract leafy vegetables or wheatgrass.


What We Like

What We Dislike

–         Easy to use, establish and clean–         High juice

–         Quiet operation

–         Reasonable cost

–         No build-up heat thanks to slow rotation

–         Multi-functional

–         72 hours of storing

–         15 years of warranty

–         Hard to extract juice from wheatgrass and leafy greens such as bananas, berries, mangoes, and more–         Slightly small tube of feeding

–         Fairly high cost

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  1. Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer

As a white version of Omega, the Omega J8004 masticating juicer inherits many fantastic features of predecessor Omega J8003. It works quietly at the power of 80rpms. Simplicity and high effectiveness are all you can describe about this juicer. It serves high demand of making beverages through 6 options of nozzles. By pressing one optional nozzle, you can make food for baby, slice herb, brew coffee, produce nut butters and food for baby, etc…There is no complexity when using the unit. All you need to do is pushing a button, and then it has the power of making a variety of tasteful drinks such as pasta, coffee, sorbet, etc…in a fast way. A big plus of this easy to clean juicer is that it is made from GE Ultem, 8 times stronger than juicers made from normal Ultem plastic. Coming with surprisingly compact size, the machine takes very small space in your kitchen.

Although Omega J8004 is less powerful than J8006, it is more efficient than the previous model J8003 in juicing fruits and veggies. You will find it so quickly to yield leafy greens and vegetables, even kale or wheatgrass. The juicer also equips a big capacity for hold more juice.

About the ease of cleaning, it takes you short time of about 3 minutes to clean the whole unit. You can clean the machine by hands or dishwasher. Both of them are acceptable and effective to remove all dirt. There is no challenge in assembling and disassembling different parts of the juicer.

Most of parts of the juicer are perfect. However, we realize that the feed tube is quite small for easy pushing foods down. It means you have to spend much time on precutting the large ingredients into different small pieces. This helps protect your juicer from clogging.

If you are looking for an advanced juicer that could do many jobs, the Omega J8004 is an out-standing recommendation. However, like other Omega masticating juicer, this machine is incapable of extracting leafy greens. The unit is a big replacement for customers who want to get typical features of the Omega J8006 but can’t afford for its price. One fact is that the Omega J8004 is less expensive than the model J8004.


What We Like

What We Dislike

–         Great taste and quantity of juice–         Solid construction

–         Easy to use and clean

–         Quiet due to low speed

–         Effective in crushing variety of delicious foods such as soy milk, herbs, pasta, and other spices

–         Powerful energy

–         15 years of warranty

–         Narrow feed tube of 1.5 inches, difficult to feed hard ingredients such as carrots, cucumbers, etc…–         Long time for waiting

–         Plastic exterio







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3.Omega Chrome-Heavy Duty Masticating Juicer 8008

Having been known as the 5th generation of Omega, Omega Chrome-Heavy Duty Masticating Juicer 8008 guarantees to make you satisfied in many aspects. It has beautiful and compact design thanks to shiny chrome and attractive black outline.

The first impression of this juicer is its great durability. Coming with a stainless steel filter, the machine not only creates powerful yielding strength, but also the solid juicer construction for years. It inherits many positive features of the Omega J8006 and has some impressive upgrades. The machine equips basic characteristics of a high-end juicer such as 6 various nozzles, low speed of 80rpms and 72 hours of storing. A variety of nozzles play the essential role in supporting you to do more household chores such as making pasta, brewing coffee, producing nut butter and the others. Moreover, working based on slow speed of 80 rpm, it is capable of keeping your nutrition longer within 72 hours. This feature is proven through the ability against build in heat and oxidation establishment. Thanks to these features, it can deal with a great number of both tough and soft vegetables, leafy and soft fruits. Crushing beans and nuts becomes possible with this smart tool. All you need is slicing the foods into different small pieces. This helps protect the juicer from terrible clogging.

Juice quality is a vital factor to keep in our mind. The juice comes with less foam, surprising smooth and abundant liquid. How can we make familiar with the unit operation? It is so simple without any requirement of reading the instructions from manufacturers. There is no need of additional tools, cleaning and using the juicer is very easy and quick. You had better use soap and water to remove the dirt outside and inside the juicer.

The Omega Chrome-Heavy Duty Masticating Juicer 8008 offers comparative price to customers. It still has typical limitations of a masticating juicer such as small-sized chute and slower spinning speed. Therefore, you will need for a while when using this model.

For better health and juice taste, you had better put Omega Chrome-Heavy Duty Masticating Juicer 8008 into your first consideration. The biggest advantage of the machine is that it is powerful enough to handle both hard and soft ingredients. As a result, it is so convenient to get delicious drinks from hard fruits and veggies. Although as one of the latest masticating models of Omega, the Juicer 8008 hasn’t solved the trouble with its small chute.

What We Like

What We Dislike

–         High versatility–         Great amount of juice and nutrition

–         Quick assembling and disassembling

–         Powerful  (2HP)

–         Almost no foam

–         Easy to clean

–         Silent

–         Solid warranty of 15 years

–         Small chute of 1.5 inches–         Slightly high cost

–         Slower speed than centrifugal machines

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  1. Omega NC900HDC 6th Generation Nutrition Center Electric Juicer

This is definitely considered as the best slow juicer nowadays. It is worth every penny purchasing the Omega NC900HDC 6th Generation Nutrition Center Electric Juicer for many reasons.

Make a variety of delicious dishes for different members of your family such as snacks, almond milk, nut butters and food for baby. It is very amazing that the smart juicer could do other jobs well such as yielding beetroots, carrots, hard fruits and more.

The first impression when looking at this juicer is its slim and long design, which differentiates it from other predecessors. Belonging to the masticating style, Omega NC900HDC works well at low speed of 80rpm. This speed not only protects food from losing nutrients, but also prevents the risk of oxidation by heat. In addition to 80-rpm speed, the juicer also comes with 5 adjustable settings, 2 juicing displays and 6 nozzles. A big plus of the unit is its size of chute up to 2’’ in width, much larger than other models in the same category. You don’t have to spend much effort in cutting your ingredients into smaller pieces. Combining well with strong auger system, it allows you to crush different types of foods from leafy greens to hard fruits, nut butters to nut milk. Due to the equipment of strong auger chamber, the juicer is not only powerful to yield an abundant amount of juice, but also enhances its great ease of cleaning. The higher dry pulp, the more juice you can get by using this tool. Enjoy your smooth and fresh juice just in few minutes.

Another benefit of the juicer is low maintenance. For busy people, this is a big deal to put into the first consideration. Your responsibility is disassembling all removable components and having the dishwasher done it for you.

For customers who are on tight budget, Omega NC900HDC is not a good recommendation. The model offers a little bit high price that matches its innovative features.Another minus of this juicer is the difficulty from reading small manual. Contact to Omega customer service if you want to solve any defect with your juicer.

Nutrition Center is all you can look for at a smart electric juicer. It solves many disadvantages of the previous models to reach the highest juicing result. We honestly recommend this machine for people who are seeking for a sturdy juicer with innovative features. It is a perfect option for the big family with many generations and for anyone who doesn’t mind the price.

What We Like

What We Dislike

–         New and attractive design–         Simple to clean and assemble

–         Remarkable durability with BPA free materials

–         Large chute

–         5 adjustable settings

–         High nutrition value

–         sturdy

–         Overpriced in other side–         A little bit small manual





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5.Omega NC800 HDS 5th Generation Nutrition Center Juicer

Are you seeking for the best juicer with high-end performance? You actually fall in love with this lovely machine. All parts of the unit work well with each other in proving its great performance.

One of the most fantastic features of the Omega NC800 Nutrition Center is surprisingly beautiful silver design. Like other masticating juicers, the model runs at low speed of 80rpm. It is really a fantastic feature in keeping the juicer nutrients and preventing harmful oxidation. Feel comfortable to adjust 6 nozzles and observe your juice from 2 juicing screens. They bring the helpful suggestions to select your best taste.

Besides all standard characteristics of a masticating juicer, the unit has capability of ejecting pulp automatically. In comparison with Omega J8006, the NC800 has larger chute, which is so convenient and timesaving. The NC800 is in charge of grinding both total fruits and big fruit slices. This unit proves the strength in extracting different leafy greens such as kale, wheatgrass and more. Remember not to juice extremely hard ingredient like coconut shell. It may affect badly to the juicer performance.

If you prefer a juicer that plays a role as the pasta maker or coffee brewer, you will have to pay attention to other models. The Omega NC800 is not suitable for doing these jobs. Some people dislike the big footprint of the juicer though it does not put any impact on the juice quality.

The Omega NC800 Nutrition Center is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. For beginners, they actually find it easy to discover all basic features of the machine. This smart juicer also equips a great number of amazing upgrades to meet higher demands of experienced customers. Some users may feel difficult to use the end-cup of the juicer. Main function of the end-cup is offering backpressure for enhancing the better efficiency of yielding. It helps you get the highest amount of juice in an effective way. Furthermore, no matter you are seeking for a food processor or coffee brewer, the model promises to make you excited.

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What We Like

What We Dislike

–         Efficient dual stage system–         Sleek and new design

–         Automatic ejection of pulp

–         High value of nutrition

–         Quick time for assembling or disassembling

–         Solid warranty of 15 years

–         Do multitasks such as foods for baby, various milks and other types of snacks

–         Expensive–         Need pushing down hard fruits

–         Big footprint

–         Less efficient in grinding coffee or making pasta.

  1. Omega Juicers J8007S 5th Generation Nutrition Center HD Juicers

As the pride of Omega, Omega horizontal Juicers J8007S has the perfect combination between traditional and modern features of the best previous juicers. It is the follow model of two well-known predecessors, Omega J8004 and J8006. The model makes impressive by attractive silver color. It not only comes with modern design, but also fabulous characteristics.

Working at low speed of 80rpm, it contributes to provide the great quietness and healthy nutrition to users. You could be rest assured about the quality of juice made by J8007S. It is not only smooth, but also nutritious with less foam and pulp. Combining well with dual stage juicing, the machine is capable of proving the maximum of delicious juice to users.

Other key benefits of the juicer include dual stage auger, pasta nozzles, automatic ejection of pulp as well as 4 rubber feet. Each of them plays an important role in promoting the juicer effectiveness.  Covered by BPA-free materials, the machine is so solid for long-lasting use. Besides, Omega is very confident in its product quality, which is expressed through the solid warranty of 15 years. In case you find any issue on your new juicer, contact to Omega customer service for more support.

Some common minuses you easily see at masticating juicers in general and Omega J8007S in particular are slower speed and small chute. These limitations require you to cut your fruits or vegetables into different small pieces before putting into the chute.

This is exactly a strong juicer for every kitchen. It comes with dozens of fabulous features that serve your whole family. If you are interested in raw foods, Omega horizontal Juicers J8007S should be one of the best recommendations. The advanced machine allows you to enjoy a healthy and delicious cup of juice every time you want. We highly appreciate the built in reserving characteristic of the juicer. It is so powerful in protecting the machine from unexpected clogging. However, a small minus of this juicer is quite small chute of 1.5 inches. It requires you to cut the fruits into different pieces before putting into the chute. You can also use the juicer for brewing coffee beans, nuts and flours.


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What We Like

What We Dislike

–         Durable BPA free materials–         Excellent for extracting leafy vegetables

–         Quiet working operation

–         Easy to clean

–         Versatility in doing a variety of jobs

–         Long-lasting juice

–         15 years of warranty

–         Slower speed than centrifugal juicers–         Slightly pulpy juice

–         Small chute of 1.5 inches


  1. Hamilton Beach 67950A Slow Juicer with Masticating Action

Many available masticating juicers may make you feel overwhelmed. So, what is the best juicer nowadays on the market? If you find it hard to select the best ones, look at our new recommendation, Hamilton Beach 67950A Slow Juicer with Masticating Action. The machine is designed in an advanced way that attracts customers at the first glance. It features all basic characteristics of a good masticating juicer, including high-quality juice, long-lasting juice for preservation and the great ease of cleaning. Without the pressure of high electricity, it allows you to do many jobs of extracting both fruits and greens. This is the reason why using this advanced juicer can save you a lot of money. Moreover, the big mouth is a positive feature of the juicer that helps you put easily everything into the chute. Make a great number of delicious recipes with this unit from nut milk, wheat grass to soft fruits.

Because the juicer works at low speed, it produces less noise than other centrifugal machines. No matter where you place this unit, it promises not to disturb your babies or neighbors sleeping. Thanks to quiet motor, you could use the juicer at night without annoying other people.

With the equipment of removable parts, assembling and disassembling the juicer is so convenient. It takes you several minutes to remove and clean different parts. The dishwasher is suitable for removing dirt on plastic components. If you want to make the basket and blade clean, there is an additional brush to support this job.

For high demand of serving a group of many members, the Hamilton Beach 67950A is not an ideal option. It has still left several disadvantages such as quite small capacity of 24oz, incapability of juicing tough fruits and vegetables. An easy-to-recognize feature of the machine is that it offers fewer characteristics than NutriChef masticating juicers.

If you want to make your dish flavorful, try to use Hamilton Beach 67950A Slow Juicer with Masticating Action. The juicer is an ideal option for great simplicity as well as the excellent ease of cleaning. For busy people, this machine is a big deal with the ability of cleaning in the dishwasher. It also offers another simple way to wash the juicer due to removable components. Moreover, for households with limited space, the Hamilton Beach 67950A is a right recommendation because it takes small area for storage.

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What We Like

What We Dislike

–         Sleek design–         Easy to clean

–         Silent working operation

–         Durable Tritan auger

–         Low speed for keeping nutrients, vitamins and minerals

–         BPA free materials

–         Additional accessories such as the juicing cup and a brush for cleaning

–         Energy savings

–         Possible for cleaning in the dishwasher

–         Small capacity of just only 24oz–         Slightly weak in some cases of juicing hard fruits

–         Less functionalities than other masticating juicers of NutriChef

  1. Champion G5-NG-853S Household Juicer

With more than 20 years on the market, Champion G5-NG-853S Household Juicer proves its role as the important pioneer on the USA market. Although the juicer uses a sharp cutter blade, it still belongs to masticating group because of the ability to remain nutrients. Coming in both white and black design, the machine matches easily the harmony of your kitchen. Talking about its functionality, this horizontal masticating juicer supports you well in making a variety of delicious dishes such as coconut milk, but butter, food for baby, salsa, etc…at 540 watts.

Made from stainless steel, the juicer construction is very solid for years. Besides the strong stainless steel, it also equips an efficient horsepower motor for better energy. The construction of this machine is so solid to endure its vibration power during the working operation. For grinding wheat grass, you can take advantage of the effective greens attachment. There is no anxiety of overheating during the juicing process. The unit has the special capability of reducing the temperature for perfect yielding procedure. How wonderful it is!

For better effectiveness of yielding wheatgrass, you can purchase the extra greens attachment at many stores available on the market. This part adds more benefits in making the operation smooth and quiet. Moreover, by reducing the temperature, it helps minimize chances for overheating. There are a great number of available attachments to help you mill grains or homogenize foods successfully. Think carefully before purchasing additional attachments because they are quite pricy.

An important requirement when extracting fruits and vegetables with Champion G5-NG-853S is that you have to observe the ingredients for continuous feeding.

There are some minuses when using the Champion G5-NG-853S. The biggest disadvantage of this juicer is heavy design. It is quite bulky with 26 pounds and requires large space for storage.


Champion G5-NG-853S Household Juicer is designed for meeting the needs of a cheap juicer machine with high performance. It is regarded as the best option for people who are on tight budget thanks to the extremely reasonable price. Customers preferring the old design will absolutely fall in love with this juicer. It is advisable for you to lubricate regularly the machine for better efficiency. Cleaning the juicer immediately after use is a good way to promote its performance and durability.


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What We LikeWhat We Dislike
–         Very affordable price–         Durable BPA free materials

–         Dual stage of juicing

–         72 hours of life with the low oxidation

–         Easy to juice both soft and hard foods

–         Heavy design–         Unsafe to clean in the dishwasher

–         Yielding leafy vegetables is quite difficult

–         Small feeding chute

–         A little bit noisy


  1. Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer Silver

Omega VRT350 is the latest model of the Omega VT series. It not only can keep the taste and nutrition of foods, but also its great convenience.

Differentiating from most of masticating models, Omega VRT350 comes with vertical design. This is very important part to help you save time for preparation. More specifically, it does not require you to slice fruits into different small pieces, so amazing! Vertical auger is a big benefit of the juicer, which leads to its surprisingly compact size. You can store the machine everywhere you want without the worrying of limited space.

Using the juicer is not only convenient, but also effective. It has the special ability of providing the maximum of rich juice just only in few minutes. This wonderful result comes from 80rpm of speed, which remains the vitamins and nutrients in your raw food. One fact is that the juicer can work well with almost types of vegetables, leafy greens and fruits.

Move on the durability of this unit, it gain high appreciation thanks to Ultem materials. This type of material is so solid and durable for years that defeats juicers made from normal plastic. Unlike centrifugal models, Omega VRT350 makes use of squeezing force to create the big quietness. This is the reason why you can place the juicer in your bedroom or use it at night without any anxiety of disturbing other people.

It seems that Omega VRT350 leaves foam on the juicer top. Most of complaints come from the inconvenience of only one juicing screen. This makes you difficult to observe the ingredients inside of the juicer.

If noise is an essential factor to consider, you should choose Omega VRT350. The machine works silently, which promises not to wake your family members. Some people may feel that the juicer is quite out of their budget; however, it makes them happy in long-term goals. Comparing with centrifugal juicers, this is a bigger plus.


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What We Like

What We Dislike

–         Good yield–         Easy to use, assemble and disassemble

–         Less time for preparation due to vertical design

–         Silent working operation

–         10 years of warranty

–         Foam existing on the top of the juicer–         Only one juicing screen


  1. Omega VRT350X Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer Silver

Having been known as the refurbished model of Omega VRT350, the VRT350X comes with a great number of innovative features that make you surprised. Besides the effective auto cleaning procedure, this juicer makes impressive by the ability of doing different tasks. You not only can juice, but also mince, grind, extrude pasta or process food. Simply check the grinding or juicing process by looking through the juicing monitor. Working at 80-rpm speed and 2 juicing stages, the machine attempts to bring the highest amount of juice to users. During the first stage, sharp blades rotate and produce juice. Then, pulp will be released at the second stage. You can keep your juice in the refrigerator within 72 hours. With VRT350X, juicing wheatgrass is so simple without any difficulty. There are juicing screens for you to observe easily the pulp.

In comparison with VRT350, VRT350X equips more features such as automatic cleaning and pulp ejection. These features help boost the great convenience of using the product. By this way, you can save a lot of time in taking full advantage of the machine thanks to automatic cleaning. There is no need of spending much effort in removing pulp and dirt on the juicer exterior.

Talking about the durability of this advanced model, the VRT350X is highly appreciated by its solid construction. Ultem is the major material contributing to the juicer sturdiness. Enjoy the happy life with this multi-functional machine!

Although it is very easy to clean the VRT350X, it is quite time consuming for making the rubber flap clean. Besides, 7 years of warranty are not too long, but this is acceptable for a high-end product like Omega VRT350X. Omega is proud of its product’s quality and service.

Omega VRT350X has the perfect combination between beautiful design and amazing functionality. If you are seeking for a juicer with fabulous features of the Omega VRT350, the VRT350X is a unique option. It has great capability of juicing different types of food, including fruits, vegetables and even wheatgrass. Absolutely, VRT350X still keeps positive characteristics of the VRT350 within more affordable price. It is worth value purchasing this heavy-duty juicer for frequent uses and strong power.



Check Omega-Omega VRT350X Heavy Duty Dual-Generation-Nutrition-Electric Price On Amazon.

What We Like

What We Dislike

–         Elegant design–         Ultem materials

–         Less expensive than VRT350

–         Reasonable price

–         Auto cleaning system

–         All certified parts

–         Low level of heat and oxidation

–         Ability to juice vegetables, fruits and wheatgrass

–         Quiet

–         7 years of warranty–         Slightly pulpy juice

–         Time consuming for cleaning the rubber flap

  1. Hurom Fresh Press Juicer Single Auger Masticating Juicer

It is evidence that Hurom is one of the most famous electric juicer brands on today’s marketplace. Among a plenty of products, Hurom Fresh Press is highly appreciated as the top-rated juicer for many good reasons. The big advantage of this model is the ability of providing naturally fresh taste. Due to cold pressing technology, it is capable of doing multi tasks from juicing to saucing, marinating to making milk or baby food. A typical feature of Hurom juicers is that they can produce up to 35% more amount of juice than other common models. This fantastic feature comes from the powerful energy of 150 watts, which is surprisingly high at a masticating model.

The basic working principal of this Hurom latest model is that it separates juice and pulp in an effective way. It means your juice will be completely fresh without additional things. This is a big advantage of using smart juicers, making your juice flavor unique from other options in the supermarket. By absorbing natural vitamins, enzymes and minerals, it contributes remarkably in improving your mood. Feel great to enjoy an abundant source of vitamin A, C, etc…from raw foods.

On the other hand, other parts of the juicer work well with each other in boosting its high-end performance. Talking about the strainer, Hurom Fresh Press equips much stronger design than other plastic types. Made from 8 times stronger than other plastic models, the tool is very solid during many years of use.

The only big disadvantage of Hurom Fresh Press is the ability to juice frozen fruits or vegetables. You will find it challengeable to do this task well. Sometimes, jams made from the juicer might make you feel sad, however, you could be rest assured about its flavor and juice quality.

There is no doubt that Hurom Fresh Press Juicer Single Auger Masticating Juicer is a must-have in every kitchen. It is completely suitable for people who are looking for amazing features of the advanced juicer. For the maximum of juice with silent technology, this model is an ideal option.


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What We Like

What We Dislike

–         35% more amount of juice–         High value of nutrition thanks to slow technology

–         Silent

–         10 years of warranty

–         Auto cleaning system

–         Compact design

–         Hard to juice iced fruits–         Plastic components

–         Jams

Juicer Buying Guide                           

There are dozens of key factors that put strong impact on the decisions of customers. Don’t make the variations of juicers fool you. When it comes to purchasing a juicer, product performance and warranty are 2 most important elements we should mention here. Sometimes, you may be confused by so many options available on today’s marketplace. Each type of juicer comes with particular characteristics to match different needs and demands.

  • Performance and Durability

    : There is no doubt that power is one of the most important factors that affect the juicer performance. Some types of juicer are designed with fast moving speed, whereas, the others come with lower movement. Centrifugal juicer uses powerful energy to cut and chop greens. As a result, it produces more heat, needing higher requirement for protection. A centrifugal juicer often gives 1 to 2 years of warranty to solve any issue in the new juicer. If you are looking for a durable machine, triturating and masticating models are fantastic options.

  • Noise: How often do you use the juicer? When will you extract your fruits? Do you live with other family members? You don’t want to disturb other neighbors, right? They are common questions that many people often ask themselves before selecting their best fruit juice maker. Keep in mind that noise is another essential factor to consider of all customers. Because centrifugal juicer comes with powerful engine, it seems to be the loudest type. If you prefer silence, look for models with slow speed. Triturating and masticating are great for quieter motor. Consider carefully this element if you don’t want to be annoyed by the terrible noise on the morning.
  • Nutrition: Health is an essential matter when we buy kitchen appliances. There is no exception for juicer. Different juicers have special capabilities of keeping nutritional value of foods. It is advisable for you to choose slow moving speed for perfect nutrition. This is a good way to help maintain flavor, enzymes and vitamins. Actually, there is less foam when using slow juicer, making you happy with the quality of juice.
  • Costs: Depending on your target of juicing, you could decide the most suitable juicer type. Not all juicers have the same features. As a result, they offer different price tags. Then, determining the best juicer is a challengeable task. When it comes to buying a juicer, you will not only have to spend money for the single unit, but also its accessories. Think carefully about the number of beverage cups you often drink before investing in a particular machine. This is the basic requirement for a great investment in long-term goals.
  • Ease of use and clean: The ease of cleaning is assessed basing on the ability of removing stains on the water reservoir. Read the manual instructions to discover particular features of the juicer that you have not known. They give useful guidance on maintaining the whole machine and all of its components.
  • Functionality: Depending on your target of using the juicer, you can decide the best model for your wishes. Not all juicers have the same features. If you are familiar with the simplicity, look at models associating with the function of juicing only. A more multi-functional juicer can do many jobs in an effective way. Triturating or masticating is right option when you prefer a more advanced machine. With innovative features, these models have excellent ability of juicing almost things you put into the chute such as pasta or butter. This is the good recommendation for the family with many members or generations. A big family may prefer a variety of drinks. In case you frequently extract tough ingredients like apples, meat, carrots and celery, pay attention to centrifugal juicers. Although this type of juicer is not so effective in juicing leafy grasses, soft vegetables and fruits, it does its job well in extracting hard ingredients.
  • Size: Juicers can be found in different shapes and sizes. For limited space, a compact juicer will be the perfect choice. The size of the juicer will affect your kitchen decoration as well as its effectiveness. Therefore, it requires you to estimate correctly the space for storing your new machine.

Be a smart purchaser in selecting the best models among a variety of available products. Spend time on reading all customer feedbacks to have a comprehensive view about the juicer you want to buy. Comparing prices of different models helps you have right decisions in choosing the most suitable products for your budget. Besides, try to learn about the way to maintain and use your new juicer.


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