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Best Hand Held Mixers Reviews – 2017 UPDATED EDITION

The importance of a hand held mixer in the kitchen can never be denied. Not just they help prepare food at a rapid speed but they also make it more convenient for you to try new and innovative cooking techniques.Dough making is one of the primary duties of a handheld mixer and anyone who makes […]

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How to remove a stuck beater from KitchenAid mixer?

What do you do when the beater of your Best KitchenAid Hand Mixer gets stuck? There is nothing as disappointing as finding that your Best KitchenAid Hand Mixer Beater is stuck and cannot be removed for cleaning and maintenance. For the first time, something tells you that the mixer might need replacement in coming days. […]

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Tips to have a Simple and Delicious Breakfast

Usually, I am a pretty simple guy when it comes to breakfast food. I love me some eggs over medium and bacon or sausage. Sometimes I’ll have a half of an avocado with it, sometimes not. Every once in a while though, I like to get a bit crazy with my breakfast and actually spend […]

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Scrumptious No Hassle Coconut Curry

I know how hard it can be to get a healthy meal on the table for your family. Between everyone’s activities, work, home work, etc. getting dinner together can be hard. But this recipe is just as easy to make as getting take out! Not to mention it is way more satisfying, tasty, and WAY […]

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Delicious Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes

Pancakes are the all time breakfast food. They are also known to be the all time cheat meal… Until now! This recipe is crazy simple and extremely healthy. With only 2 main ingredients, it honestly could not be easier. Oh- and these babies are paleo friendly! I promise you these pancakes will be the easiest, […]

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Super Simple and Unbelievably Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies

Cookies are the perfect snack. They curb the sweet tooth while fulfilling your hunger when you need a quick bite to eat! Despite popular belief, cookies can actually be pretty healthy. In fact, these cookies are extremely healthy! With only a few simple ingredients these cookies pack a powerful nutritious punch. You will not believe […]

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Super Low Carb One Ingredient Spaghetti Noodles

Spaghetti is one of those foods no ones can resist! What is better than diving into a big bowl of pasta?! Nothing, until you realize you just ate 50 grams plus of carbs and you do not feel like doing anything except for taking a nap! This recipe totally takes care of that post carb […]

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Mind Blowing Secret Ingredient Ice Cream

Now that summer is rolling in, I often find myself craving a sweet, creamy, cold, refreshing treat… AKA ice cream. I am not going to lie, ice cream may or may not be my all-time favorite dessert. That is why this recipe is my saving grace!  There is just something about a creamy bowl of […]

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