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6 Pro Tips to Purchase a Hand Mixer

You know what’s most annoying and messy work in the kitchen? If you’re a housewife, you’ll definitely say, “mixing dough!”, and why not? It needs to be perfectly battered and beat, so that you’re loved ones get the best nutrients without their bellies being affected. So, you need a high-quality hand mixer to take care […]

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KitchenAid KHM7210OB 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer Review

You already know why hand mixers are use. They are lighter in weight, occupy lesser space, and offer detailed mixing compared to stand-mixers. While there are quite a few hand mixer brands, but KitchenAid is the most trusted one in the market. Why Choose KitchenAid Hand Mixer? With lots of hand mixer options in terms […]

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How to Use a Hand Held Mixer in the Best Way

A hand held mixer offers many benefits that you cannot get from an ordinary mixer. Some of the major advantages of hand mixers over stand mixers include: Energy-saving, due to the use of less power Ease-of-cleaning Fairly low maintenance In this post, you are going to learn how you can use your hand mixer with […]

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Hand Mixer Analysis – Should You Have it Or Not

Every modern-day housewife and chef must be familiar with the electric hand mixer and its effectiveness in kitchen work. It really get things done on time, doesn’t it? Hand mixers are lightweight and small devices that take care of your everyday mixing and beating needs. Some latest devices also feature whisks for creams, cake mixtures, […]

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Cuisinart HM70-7-Speed Hand Mixer, Stainless and White

A kitchen is incomplete without a hand mixer. Whether you need to beat eggs for your cake or mash potatoes for your starter, electrical hand held mixers will get the work done. There are plenty of options to choose from, but Cuisinart 7 Speed Hand Mixer (HM-70) may just be the perfect solution for all your […]

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Hamilton Beach 62695V Power Deluxe Hand Mixer Review

Mixing is a primary kitchen application. Whisking and preparing dough requires a lot of effort and time if you have not equipped yourself with a suitable handheld mixer. It’s understandable how much effort you put in for making the best meal for your family but do you know that the easier times have arrived? With […]

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8 Tips To Use A Hand Mixer Efficiently

Hand mixers have made baking and cooking incredibly easy. Electric hand mixers are affordable and with proper care last very long. You can find a basic hand mixer for as low no more than $30 with a basic set of beaters. There are so many foods that can be mixed with a hand mixer like […]

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How to Choose the Best Hand Mixer?

If you’re a working women, a chef or just an occasional cooker, you’d definitely hate to waste your time beating the dough. Although, it’s highly unlikely if you live in urban areas filled with hi-tech gadgets and mechanical aids, there’s a chance you might be needing a better, more economical and easy-to-handle mixture. The question […]

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